If you ask parents about their greatest wish when they leave their kids at the daycare schools, the answer would be – “We want them to be happy and safe”. It is difficult to know if the daycare schools’ environments are a good fit, particularly with young children who do not have language skills.

Daycare schools are places where babies and children learn, grow, interact with one other and play with toys during the day. But many parents have questions like: Is the baby getting enough sleep? Is the toddler eating healthy and nutritious food? Are the toys safe and clean? Are caregivers paying enough attention to the child? All this is completely natural!

Every child is different and has a different rate at which their brain learns, grows and develops. Even children have preferences about the things they like to do and the people they connect with.

There are signs when you know that your kid is not only surviving but flourishing at the daycare schools:
  • Smile on the face in the morning
  • Building connection with teachers and other kids
  • Retaining new thoughts and knowledge; humming or singing songs
  • Engaging your child by asking them about the day; if they talk, it’s a great sign
  • The child is engaged in playing even if it is time to go home
Warning signs that the child is unhappy at the daycare schools:
  • Low safety and cleanliness standards: Daycare schools go above and beyond to ensure children’s safety and security. This includes food safety practices, childproofing, a well-maintained play space with sets of toys and continuous supervision.
  • Untrained staff: It is important to make sure that the caretakers are well trained in the Early Childhood Programmes.
  • Undocumented policies: A center cannot legally operate if it does not possess a proper license. Not only daycare schools should have discipline policies, goals, and defined finances but they should be thoroughly be informed to you before you make a commitment to them.
  • Lack of communication: Family meetings with the staff are important so that you stay connected and know what is going on when in your absence.
  • Staff Stability and Performance: Frequent staff turnover due to various reasons is another bad sign to send your school to those daycare schools.

Every daycare will have a reputation, including positive reviews from previous or current parents. Most of the daycares have their social media pages. You can read what they are posting, and pay attention to what parents are saying too. A sign of a great childcare school is one that is always ready to talk with you about your child’s progress, and how they are settling into the care.

Remember that it can take time for a child to settle into a new daycare, so make sure you give them time to establish themselves.

Lancers StartUp is an Early Childhood Learning Centre for children ages 12 months to 3.5 years. It has a strong focus on pastoral care and developing the unique talents of young ones. Lancers Startup Daycare Schools program provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment where children can enjoy a mixture of structured and free-play activities that develop body coordination, independence, and thinking skills.