Given an option between CBSE schools or IB schools in Gurgaon, it is unavoidable that international schools provide more value and experiential learning to the students.

There are lots of frequently asked questions related to the difference between IB Schools and CBSE schools:
  • How is IB Schools different from CBSE board?
  • Can my child cope up with International School curriculum?
  • Is IB recognized in India and across the globe?
  • Why should I select IB schools for my child?
  • What are the career opportunities for students who study in International schools?
  • What extra-curricular and sports facilities are available on campus?
  • Is the IB program fees structure worth it?
  • Is the IB program stressful?
What do IB and CBSE stand for?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. Its concern is to provide standardized worldwide education to the students which give them a lifelong practical learning experience. Along with all the traditional subjects they also mainly focus on overall development of the students such as sports, art, communicative skills, and personality development.

CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. This is the most popular board in India, which focuses on helping students to get comprehensive knowledge. It has recently made some changes in the syllabus which is relevant to modern time career opportunities. This board mainly focuses on technical learning.

All about International IB schools:
  • The approach of IB schools in Gurgaon defines knowledge-based learning and being learner-centric. Students take responsibility for their learning experiences by making inquiries and posing questions. Although the CBSE Curriculum is increasingly more comprehensive in nature, it still remains very exam-driven and primarily focuses on preparing students to master the skills required to excel in them.
  • IB schools located in Gurgaon are internationally recognized and are well versed to a large number of foreign and domestic universities. While CBSE schools in Gurgaon and across the nation are same.
  • Gurgaon based international school like Lancers International School (LIS) equally focuses on the co-curricular activities whereas such is not the case with CBSE schools. IB programs are known for the balanced approach between academics and co-curricular activities with the students. CBSE schools focus more on just learning from the standardly recommended books.
Some more important points about international schools:
  • Quiz, essays, portfolios, and assignments evaluate students at International schools to keep the students on their feet throughout the year. The complexity level of CBSE is relatively lower because of the less in-depth learning.
  • International school evaluates students on the basis of their understanding, skill development, knowledge, and its application. But CBSE assesses students on the basis of their ability to memorize and recall concepts and learning.
  • International schools encourage students to have a more global outlook whereas CBSE curriculum focuses on national issues and knowledge in the context of the country’s history.
  • CBSE students stand out in their graduate programs and are usually hired by top tech management companies usually in India or in companies of Indian-origin.IB curriculum is the choice of employers, organizations, and governments worldwide. They acknowledge the worth of the skill-set such as critical thinking, smart learning and work collaboratively.
  • Unlike CBSE schools, the students from IB schools get an opportunity for courses in their final years that allow them to earn college credits while finishing school.
  • International schools have students from diverse cultural backgrounds and nations. This helps students to get exposure to a varied environment and teaches them about respect towards people of different cultures, race, and gender.
IB Schools

IB Schools

Here is an answer to all the important questions:
Academic Metrics CBSE IB
Academics Focus Medium Medium, smart board based, more practical learning
Extra Curricular Low High
Geographically moving Largest education board in India so its very easy Very easy when moving globally but not easy within India
Teacher Training Below average training Exhaustive and regular training
Fees Low to Medium High
Competitive Exams Preparations High Low for Indian competitive exams, high for entry in global universities
Flexibility For Choosing Your Interest Low High
Exam Focus High earlier, now low in primary and middle school Thesis, assessments. Exams in Higher classes


It is important for a parent to understand the difference between CBSE schools and IB schools in Gurgaon. Also, It is important for a parent to realize that the academic, cultural needs and profile of each student is different. Therefore, the choice regarding the curriculum should ideally be taken keeping this in mind.

Hence, st Lancers International School, the aim of all IB programs is to develop people who help to create a better and more peaceful world, unlike other boards.

The students develop the curiosity to know more. They acquire the skills important to make research. They independently enjoy learning and this love of learning is throughout their lives.

They make use of initiative in applying thinking skills and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems and make reasoned ethical decisions.


There is involvement of ideas, concepts, and issues that have local and global significance. This helps them acquire in-depth knowledge and develop great understanding.


They are aware of the importance of balance in intellectual, physical and emotional behavior to achieve personal well being for them.


They understand and express thoughts, ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and in a variety of modes of communication.


They understand and appreciate their cultures and histories, and are open to the traditions and values of other individuals and communities. Notably, they are familiar with seeking a range of points of view and are ready to grow from the experience.


They face critical situations and uncertainty with courage. Also, they are brave and effective in defending their beliefs and have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas, and strategies.


They give importance to their own learning and experience. Therefore, they are able to evaluate and understand their strengths and limitations to support personal development.