Senior School


IB Diploma

Making Transitions Easier

Learning at Lancers is transformative and a series of discoveries made via pursuing personal interests and finding new ways of viewing the world. Our goal from the very first day is to help our students make the transition to university and then, a successful career, as smooth as possible. Everything we do begins and ends with this very intention, anchoring us in our true purpose for developing this institution.

DP ModelStudents learn best when they are able to truly trust and feel deeply connected to their mentors. Each Diploma student at Lancers has an advisor who mentors them, helps them map out their progress, set goals, discuss and solve learning issues, and build on their capabilities to take greater responsibility for their learning. Students also receive timely guidance and counselling in choosing their universities for college well in advance, based of their strengths and interests.

Our students have the space to take on a tech project and build it from scratch, write a novel about their experiences or purely fictional and publish it, or deeply explore and research an academic topic of interest and present it to their class. They are not only given the means to achieve these goals but are also given a strong foundation which lends them the emotional strength to take on any challenge and accomplish it to the best of their abilities.

Mr. Sharma
DP Coordinator